Breguet – Exhibition in Tokyo Swiss Movement Replica Watches

Breguet – Exhibition in Tokyo Swiss Movement Replica Watches

Press release


 Original to Japan, this exhibition celebrated a double anniversary, one marking 200 years since the delivery of the first wristwatch ordered by Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples and one marking 10 years since the launch of the Breguet “Reine de Naples” (“Queen of Naples”) collection.

With the aim of more powerfully promoting its ladies’ collection in Japan, the exhibition featured original content focusing on three queens who were closely associated with Breguet – namely, Queen Marie-Antoinette of France, Empress Josephine, and Queen Caroline Murat of Naples. The exhibition’s organizers made full use of the advantages of the Cité du Temps Ginza exhibition site, particularly its 14th floor view of Japan’s prestigious Ginza area, by arranging special gardening on the balcony in the image of a palace garden and making the entire venue look like a palace.



An opening reception was held on November 8 for about 200 members of the press, and another on November 9, with invitations extended to about 100 VIPs of Breguet Boutique Ginza. The exhibition was then opened to the general public that weekend, on November 10 and 11. All those attending were enchanted by the high jewelry designed in homage to Marie-Antoinette, the à tact watch purchased in 1800 by Empress Josephine, and both the most recent and the staple pieces in the “Reine de Naples” collection. A demonstration by a cameo artisan visiting Japan from Italy showcased Breguet’s craftsmanship and artistry, and the “Reine de Naples” cameo watch “Fleur de cerisier” ordered especially for this event and patterned on a cherry blossom, the flower that symbolizes Japan, met with favorable reviews.

One opinion, especially, is of interest to contemporary Breguet fans: Breguet no. 2639, arranged from the Queen in 1810 and requiring two years to finish. A look of this Breguet archives shows much about this extraordinary watch. This was an oblong, second repeating timepiece, equipped with a thermometer, and has been sent in 1812 on a strap made of hair and gold thread. Unfortunately no. 2639 was lost, but we can still expect that such as Breuguet no. 160, created for Marie Antoinette but dropped for decades between 1983 and 2007, will someday reappear.In the meantime, those who covet an opinion created in the soul of Breguet no. 2639 may enjoy quite a few timepieces for women from the present collection called for the Queen of Naples. Among the most spectacular of them was introduced just this season: that the “Reine de Naples” Gold Thread Bracelet mention 8908. It is a spectacularly elegant watch; most lady’s watches from some of the very venerable watch companies seem mere afterthoughts, however, the Reine de Naples watches are distinctive, with all the feminine egg-shape of this case lending itself to a genteel presence on the wrist; demure, but nevertheless devastatingly seductive. Unlike many watches created for women, it isn’t only an emasculated men’s watch, it is a woman’s watch in its very essence, and on the elastic bracelet of gold threads not merely a limpid joy to have around the wrist but also a subtle homage to the method of attachment of the first mention 2639, made only this year 200 years ago for a princess.


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